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    Chewing gum removal is a sticky business, whether it is stuck to your sidewalks, entryways, patio or the driveway, chewing gum eventually turns in to a black smudge on your concrete.  But usually before that happens, pedestrians and clients walking into a business will step on it and track it in all over your office carpets and entryway mats.  Then it’s forced deep into the carpet fibers and into the porous surface of the concrete, just waiting for someone to step in it again, to carry it somewhere else.

    Chewing Gum Is Disgusting, So Regularly Cleaning The Concrete To Remove Chewing Gum Is Mandatory!

    The best methods of removing chewing gum from concrete depends on the gum’s age and level of penetration into the concrete surface.  If the gum was left recently and it has not penetrated the surface yet, you might be able to remove it by covering it with ice until it freezes, then scraping it off with a metal putty knife.   The ice forces the gum to freeze into a workable substance compared to a warm and stringy mess.  Once that happens, just slide a metal putty knife or scraper under the gum residue. As you move the scraper slowly under the gum, the entire piece should peel right off the concrete.

    Flat Surface Cleaning Equipment For Cleaning Concrete And Chewing Gum RemovalIf your trying to remove chewing gum that has turned black, or is smashed down into the concrete, the best thing to use is a hot water pressure washer with the heat turned up to 200 Degrees to melt the gum.  You don’t need high pressure, if you use more pressure than that you will damage the surface of the concrete!

    Never use more pressure than you need to clean concrete, it can be damaged a lot easier than you think, especially if it’s only a few years old.  Concrete can take up to 100 Years to cure completely, so always start out with hot water and the least amount of pressure possible to melt away the gum.

    Our Chewing Gum Removal Services

    To remove chewing gum from sidewalks and other surfaces we use custom designed hot water pressure washing equipment that’s shown in these photos, and special soaps and detergents that enable us to clean the surface without causing any damages.

    Flat Surface Cleaning Equipment For Cleaning Concrete And Chewing Gum Removal

    Using special 200 degree hot water pressure washers and low pressure, we can safely remove chewing gum and surface dirt while protecting the surface. Our method will also destroy bacteria and viruses that are commonly found in gum on concrete.

    By hiring Commercial Restorations for regular maintenance cleaning at your properties, your property will have a better appearance and your chewing gum removal problems will be over!  You will also prevent damage to carpets and other flooring while making your store front more appealing to visitors.

    DIY Chewing Gum Removal Techniques

    If all else fails, you can use chemicals on the gum. Orange peel oil and paint stripper are two chemical solutions that work well on gum residues, but do not mix the two liquids together. To ensure that you do not mar your concrete, try one of the chemicals on the surface’s corner — do not use the chemical if it discolors or harms the concrete’s texture. After applying the chosen chemical to the gum, work the liquid into the deposit using a hand scraper. Difficult gum stains eventually work out of the concrete with proper chemical applications.

    The other method is to use any of several high-powered cleaner formulations. One company suggests using its paint stripper for gum removal; this is reported to be a blend of emulsified solvents. This material is diluted with water, applied to the concrete, left in place for up to 30 minutes, and then removed with a high pressure hot or cold rinse. Another company recommends an industrial grade solvent formulation that is used to remove grease, stains and epoxies, and which does some slight etching of the concrete. Another company has several formulations which are considered effective.

    First impressions of your properties make a difference in how potential tenants and their clients perceive a business. With over 26 years of experience, we know how to remove chewing gum and the toughest stains. All of our pressure washing and chewing gum removal services are performed using professional grade environmentally friendly soaps and detergents.  We also use waste water recovery systems that keep our clients and us in compliance with The Clean Water Act and other EPA regulations.  Call Commercial Restorations now at 301-216-2555 for our chewing gum removal services in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.