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Mr. Henry Bockman founded Commercial Restorations in 1986, since then it has provided services to Commercial, Industrial and Residential Properties for over 30 Years all over North America.

Henry Bockman is a Navy Veteran that served with the F-14 Squadron “The Starfighters” on board the USS America as an Aviation Ordinance man that specialized in F-14 weapons systems.

Since 1989 Henry Bockman has dedicated himself to learning everything he could learn about the power washing industry  In 1995, he started working with several other Industry leaders and the Power Washers of North America to help create many of the power washing classes in existence today.

Bockman is an approved instructor for the Power Washers of North America and was involved in teaching, and creating courses for the PWNA, Alliance Trade Educations Services and the Contractors Foundation. He teaches seminars for organizations on how to perform pressure washing services and has helped Hundreds of contractors to improve their companies through seminars and his training classes. He is also a regular contributor to the media and News agencies for his knowledge and expertise on Pressure washing and Ice Dams.

Bockman has taken nearly every power washing course offered by the PWNA, earned both Environmental and Wood certifications from the Power Washers of North America, Taken courses from Wolman, Jahn Masonry and Restoration services, Seal N Lock, American Builders and Restoration, BASMA, Cathedral Stone, Alliance Trade Education Services and The Contractors Foundation.

Bockman has served on the Board of Directors for the Power Washers of North America as the Chairman of the communications committee, PWNA Webmaster, PWNA BBS Administrator, creator of Clean Across America campaign, the President and founding member of the Maryland State Chapter of PWNA. Bockman has also received the PWNA Marketing award, the Joe Walters Award, letters of recognition from The Governor of Maryland and the Daily Points Of Light Award from President Bush.

in 2015 Bockman traveled to England to work with Gavin Reardon and Michael Conway to help create one of the first International training programs in the United Kingdom for soft washing and pressure washing.

In 2016, Bockman was appointed to the Commission on Veterans Affairs, testified for Congress, graduated from the Veterans Institute For Procurement, and worked with the Historical Society, National Park Services, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Maryland Home Improvement Commission to change the laws regarding the licensing for pressure washing.

Image Courtesy: That’s our old company photo taken in 1994.



Henry Bockman was named the Daily Point of Light for the date of March 12, 2007. The Daily Point of Light is granted to individuals who reflect the spirit of the Points of Light Foundation, and he is the 3418th recipient of the honor.

Henry Bockman believes in the value of businesses drawing from their expertise to impact their own communities in positive ways.

He has applied this philosophy through his own business over the years, and, for his various public contributions, has been honored by the Points of Light Foundation with his own designated day.

In 2003, Bockman along with the Power Washers of North America, created a nationwide program called “Clean Across America” that called upon individuals who did pressure washing and restoration services to come together to clean parks, playgrounds and public gathering places. The concept was embraced by many in these industries who followed Bockman’s leadership in taking on charitable projects on varied scales.

“Clean Across America” took a major step forward in 2005 when the home of baseball, Doubleday Stadium in Cooperstown, NY was selected as the site of a comprehensive cleaning project just prior to that year’s annual induction ceremony for the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Even more business owners and industry leaders journeyed to Washington, D.C. in 2006 when Bockman organized a similar cleaning project for the Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorial.

Almost a mile of hoses, more than 50,000 gallons of water and six rigs were used by a group of pressure washers to clean the Memorials alone. Bockman not only supervised these endeavors but also took a pressure washing hose in hand to play a direct part in their successful completion.

Surprisingly, no one could recall when, if ever, these three aforementioned national treasures had ever been cleaned on such a large scale.

Since its inception, more than $250,000 worth of pressure washing services have been donated through “Clean Across America” and more projects of varied sizes will be tackled in 2007 and the years to come.

The phrase “points of light” was made popular during George H.W. Bush’s 1988 Republican National Convention Acceptance Address where the soon-to-be president spoke of the need for individuals, groups and businesses to give something back to the world around them.

Henry Bockman has received 36 star performer awards from Home Connections in just 18 months!

Nominated for 2003 Power Washers of North America’s Spotlight Award for our community service projects.

Received an honorable mention from The Power Washers of North America (PWNA) for a recent community service project in Germantown. PWNA is a nonprofit group of over 450 power washing companies across the nation that have joined together to promote education, environmental awareness, and higher standards for professional power washing.

Henry Bockman helped create the Clean Across America campaign with the help of the PWNA. During the week of July 24-31 power washing companies from all over North America will be contributing their time, employees, and materials to various organizations and groups to work at schools, hospitals, shelters, parks, government buildings, as well as police and fire stations. Teams will help clean accumulated dirt and grime, graffiti, mold, mildew from our public buildings, streets, parks, and other public areas. All work is performed with environmentally safe procedures.

Henry Bockman was chosen for the PWNA Image Award.  Elected to Board Of Directors for the Power Washers of North America, and founded the Maryland Chapter of the Power Washers Of North America.

The award recognizes the most professional image-driven service company from applicants all over the United States and Canada. A beautiful plaque was presented to Mr. Bockman as a part of the national convention of PWNA held in Columbus.

Founded in 1986, Commercial Restorations has provided services to Commercial, Industrial and Residential Properties for 28 Years all over North America.

Trusted & Experienced

Commercial Restorations is one of the leading authorities in the Pressure Washing Industry, with 26 years of experience, professional Training and Certifications. We have cleaned some of our Nations most treasured Monuments using our Proven Low Pressure Cleaning Systems.

Capability Statement

Commercial Restorations Has The Technical Capabilities, Past Performance, And The Capacity To Handle Any Pressure Washing Project For The Government, Commercial, Industrial Or Residential Sectors!

EPA Compliance

EPA Compliant pressure washing services. Our methods and equipment meet the Clean Water Act regulations. Non EPA compliant cleaning methods can cause fines of up to $50,000.00 for the property owner and the contractor!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We have been serving clients all over the east coast for over 30 years and we always deliver high quality work.

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