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EPA Compliant Pressure Washing Services

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We offer EPA Compliant Pressure Washing services in Maryland on all of our jobs using the equipment below.

With over 26 years of experience offering EPA Compliant Pressure Washing, we have seen the need for EPA compliant pressure washing services increase each year. Fines for failing to meet EPA compliance can be as high as $50,000 for the company providing pressure washing, and for the owner of the property. EPA compliant pressure washing services are a bit more expensive than traditional companies but its better than having your companies name in the news for polluting local waterways and damaging the environment!

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We use professional grade environmentally friendly products and waste water recovery systems to keep in compliance with The Clean Water Act and other EPA regulations.

Property Owners And The Pressure Washers They Hire Are Responsible For Wastewater Disposal

When there is wastewater runoff from pressure washing that enters a storm drain, your company and the person performing the work is subject to fines from the CWA’s National Pollution Policies. Section 301 of the CWA prohibits a point source discharge of pollutants.   The most common method of compliance with the CWA is to prevent process wastewater discharges by reclaiming or diverting the wastewater runoff into grass or a sanitary sewer system.

Commercial Restorations guarantees that all our work is EPA compliant, CWA compliant and environmentally friendly!  We use a filtration and recycling system that captures the wastewater runoff and pumps it in to our filtration system. Contaminants are then captured, the oil is absorbed, the solids are captured and the processed water is re-used or discharged in compliance with the Clean Water Act.

Commercial Restorations is fully compliant with the Environmental Protection Agencies Clean Water Act, to protect our client and our environment from potential fines.

EPA Compliant Pressure Washing Services And A Summary of the Clean Water Act

33 U.S.C. §1251 et seq. (1972)

The Clean Water Act (CWA) establishes the basic structure for regulating discharges of pollutants into the waters of the United States and regulating quality standards for surface waters. The basis of the CWA was enacted in 1948 and was called the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, but the Act was significantly reorganized and expanded in 1972. “Clean Water Act” became the Act’s common name with amendments in 1972.

Under the CWA, EPA has implemented pollution control programs such as setting wastewater standards for industry. We have also set water quality standards for all contaminants in surface waters.

The CWA made it unlawful to discharge any pollutant from a point source into navigable waters. What this means is that any water used for pressure washing, CAN NOT enter the storm drains, curbs on the side of the road, because all storms drains empty into local streams and creeks, and other bodies of water, and then into the Oceans.

So the next time you need pressure washing at your property, make sure that the pressure washing company you hire is providing EPA compliant pressure washing services like Commercial Restorations.