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Deck Cleaning Services

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Our deck cleaning services in Montgomery County Maryland are more involved than you might think.

As illustrated in this photo, deck cleaning can greatly improve the appearance of a property. However, deck cleaning is a specialized service that requires the right procedures to get the best results. Don’t assume that every pressure washing company knows how to do the job properly!

deck cleaning services

Our deck cleaning services are performed with a low-pressure cleaning system, combined with professional-grade wood cleaning and restoration products. Our technicians have been trained and tested to ensure that they can clean decks while following the industry standards recommended by the Power Washers of North America. All of their work is inspected by a supervisor to ensure that services meet our quality standards.

Methods For Deck Cleaning Services

Specific procedures must be followed to clean decks with the best results. Cleaning decks is not as quick or simple a job as most people think, and the wrong methods can cause damages! If the wrong deck sealers are used with a 10-year guarantee, the finish can fail and leave you looking at an ugly deck for a long time before you can replace it.

The unfortunate truth is that most deck cleaning companies in Maryland do not follow industry standards, which can be dangerous for the surfaces they intend to clean. Pressure washers can cause extreme damage to wood surfaces, yet many companies will use these methods simply because they do not recognize this danger. Only a few power washing companies in this are have made the proper investment in education, equipment, cleaners, and sealers to clean decks safely and effectively. This makes finding the right company even harder, but the results are worth it!

What’s Included In Our Deck Cleaning Services?

When we provide deck cleaning services, we clean and inspect all surfaces properly to get the best results through industry-proven procedures and standards. We offer several levels of service to customize the job based on your needs, marked at a price that you are comfortable paying. Our professional-grade deck cleaners and deck sealers like Ready Seal have been voted the best products in the nation for the last 8 years.

Experience in deck cleaning services

Commercial Restorations has over 29 years of experience in wood restoration in Montgomery County Maryland. Company president Henry Bockman is an approved instructor for the organizations Power Washers of North America, Alliance Trade Services, and The Contractors Foundation, and he has taught contractors across the nation about the proper methods for deck cleaning, roof cleaning, house washing, and other power washing services.

 Proper Deck Cleaning And Wood Restoration Procedures
  1. Inspect surface of wood for stains, mildew, UV ray damage and other conditions.
  2. Tighten loose nails.
  3. If necessary Strip existing stain from deck, rails,  lattice and steps.
  4. Pre-treat deck, rails,  lattice and steps with Disodium Peroxydicarbonate.
  5. Lightly power wash deck, rails, lattice and steps using 600PSI -800 PSI.
  6. Neutralize and properly restore the pH balance of the wood.
  7. Re-inspect surface.
  8. Seal all cleaned wood on the deck and rails with two medium coats Ready Seal Deck Sealer.

Though this is our standard process, not all deck cleaning jobs are the same, and not all pressure washing companies in Maryland are the same either.  All of our wood restoration services follow methods and standards set by power washing leaders who have been proven to give the best results possible for deck cleaning. Our technicians have taken extensive training courses to learn safe, low-pressure deck cleaning methods, and we re-certify their training each year.

If you need a professional wood restoration contractor to clean decks in Montgomery County Maryland, call 301-216-2555 for an estimate!