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Exterior cleaning and maintenance is a service that touches everyone. At some point, everyone will need to have the exterior of their home, business, or other property cleaned. This is why you need to hire Commercial Restorations cleaning contractor as we are professional, knowledgeable and well educated providing best services in this field since last 30 years.

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Understanding of the stains or substances that need to be removed is part of the equation. Knowing what cleaners and chemicals will easily remove the stains or substances while not damaging or harming the substrate is the second part. Add to this equation, we also provide maintenance and repeat cleanings services. We have listed below some of the most important and frequently asked questions(FAQ’s) about house washing.

Q. Will cleaners and chemicals cause damage to siding, plants, and other surroundings?
A. Understand the cleaners or chemicals that you select to use. Look for cleaners that are considered biodegradable and environmentally friendly. You should always take precautions with surroundings and property. Pre-wet surfaces and plants. Use of tarps to protect items as necessary is advised. Follow all manufacturer recommendations and you will be fine. Ignoring recommendations or being inventive with home brews invites dangerous mishaps.

Q. Will damage be caused by pressure washing of paint, siding, building material?
A. Pressure washers (the machines) do not cause damage by themselves. It is always an inexperienced operator that causes the damage. Set expectations for your customers, informing them that you are not be responsible for things like loose siding, loose paint, damaged windows, and other items.

Q. Does the customer need to be home?
A. This is question only you can answer. The short answer is “No” since you are working outside. If you are concerned about payment, issues of returning for missed areas and touch-ups, interior damage and so forth then you may want to have the customer present when you do your work.

Q. Can you do my windows because they will be streaky, spotted when you are done?
A. This can be handled in two ways. First, many contractors use a window cleaning product in their housewash to reduce streaking (a rinse aid). Second, other contractors perform window cleaning services as an add-on service to their exterior building cleaning.

Q. Can you wash in the rain?
A. The answer is usually “Yes” since you will be wetting the surfaces anyway. However, be careful of storms and lightning when operating equipment outdoors.

Q. How often should exteriors be cleaned?
A. A periodic maintenance plan will net you solid repeat business. We recommend approximately 24 months on most surfaces. Some buildings and some areas of the country need more frequent cleanings and should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Isn’t my house siding ‘No Maintenance?
A. Low maintenance, yes. No maintenance, no. Any structure exposed to the weather outside will need to be cleaned as structures are exposed to mold, mildew, pollutants and much more. Your car is outside and gets dirty, and so will your building.

Q. Aren’t all pressure washing companies alike and isn’t this just squirting water?
A. There is much more to exterior cleaning than squirting a big water pistol! Companies are different in how they approach the customers and how they perform their services. Educating the customer about your methods and knowledge will give them that “warm feeling” that they are looking for from you. The customer wants to feel some type of security and confidence in your abilities. Once you have established this and get the job you need to “under promise and over deliver” – in other words exceed their expectations. Answer: No, they are not all alike and this is why we are different.

Q. Do I need insurance?
A. Yes! These structures are very valuable and you need to cover yourself and your business from any issues. Many commercial companies will require coverage of $1,000,000 or more. Insurance coverage also gives the potential customer an added confidence in your company as well as add to the credibilty of the business overall.

Q. What about environmental issues?
A. Depending on which city or county you are working in, even house washing activities can be affected by local regulations stemming from the Clean Water Act. You may be required to capture your used wash water. Check with local authorities to find out the regulations in your area. If you are, this could change the focus of your marketing, your choice of techniques and products, and more.

Contact us if you have more questions regarding house washing. We would be happy to help you.